meet the cupcakes.

Sometimes I bake more than I feel like writing. And sometimes I feel like writing and haven’t baked anything new. That’s when I turn to my 3+ year arsenal of photos of confections past. I scan through the images, until one tickles my writing fancy. Well, today, I stumbled across these, and they really please, pleased me, oh yeah.

got to get you into my mouth.


These confectionery likenesses of the Fab Four date all the way back to February of 2008, when I first started to really get into baking. I took a cake decorating class at the local craft store, and decided to experiment with what I had learned thus far, using my Mom’s birthday as the guinea pig. I found a cartoon drawing to be my guide, filled a bag with black icing, popped on the #2 tip, and coo coo ca choo – we have Beatles.

yeah! yeah! yeah!

 These were probably the best birthday gift I have given my mom in my life. Money can’t buy me love, but cupcakes on the other hand…

And even though it was over 3 years ago, its feels like only yesterday. I’ve been baking pretty much ever since, and yes, it’s been a long and winding road, but I’m getting better all the time.

P.S. I love you.


2 thoughts on “meet the cupcakes.

  1. This was an awesome post! You could be a paperback writer… Oh wait you already are! Hey, congratulations on your fantastic new book! Is it for sale yet? I know you felt like you can’t do that but, in my life I never met anyone that could bake like you so I want to thank you girl, cause it won’t be long before you’ll look back and say yesterday, I never thought this could happen but in the end I knew everything would come together.

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