mood vs. food.

So I’ve discovered something. Certain moods are conducive to blogging, while others are just a pity party in the making. What I’m trying to say is, bad mood = bad writing. Sure, it starts off ok; maybe a little joke about your current personal hardship…then another that’s not quite as “jokey”…and before you know it, your telling the world your pathetic life story, begging everyone to “feel your pain.” Well guess what? Strangers don’t care about your pain. In fact, they’re annoyed by it.  Especially if you normally write about food. People love their food, and nothing should ever come between a person and their true love.

Baking is like blogging. at least, for me, I’ve found. Bad mood = bad baking, so it becomes no baking.  This week there has been no baking.  Thus, there has been no blogging. Until today. I found a recipe for a pina colada cake, and I’m excited to bake again. I feel a new wave of baking coming on. Am I scared? Hell, yes. It’s going to be a long, hard road with many bumps and forks to choose from.  But just like the Phoenix, confections will again rise from the ashes (or oven) and will only get better.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a little something I made a while back, to remind you of what baking can grow to become, when you give it your heart and soul (which also happens to be a great song by Huey Lewis and the News).

Thanks for the memories – you’ve made me a better baker.

a little rain must fall for the flowers to grow.


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