cakes in a pan.

Pancakes are awesome. everyone loves them. they remind you of being a kid, when eating whatever you wanted was fun. Well, you know what, pancakes can still be fun, and actually even good for you – if you spend the time to make them as such.

Recently, I was tasked with making enough pancakes to feed my entire class. I was handed a “healthy” pancake recipe. My first thought was “yuck.” My second thought was “I better find a giant pan.” The recipe was for banana oatbran pancakes. Ok, I like bananas, and I like oatmeal too. A banana oatbran muffin is something I would eat, and when it comes down to it, a pancake is really just the same basic batter, fried in a skillet rather than baked in a muffin tin – it’s just a cake in pan, baby.

a pan full of cakes.


In the end, these healthy pancakes wound up tasting better than the bland variety you have to slather in syrup. These tasted great on their own – no syrup required!

In conclusion, the beauty of the pancake is that you have complete control of the portion size. Make them tiny, and enjoy them as a small “breakfast” indulgence!  Most people think of that premade Bisquick junk when they think of pancakes – but no more! Take control of your breakfast destiny! Make your own personal pancakes – your tastebuds and waistline will thank you for it. 😀

have your pancake and eat it too.


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