cakes with candy.

Today is my mom’s birthday. So what do I do? I bake her a cake of course! I stick with the theme, and keep it on the small side, because, just like every time I baked anything for her in the past, she insists I return home with 1/3 to 1/2 of it. I mean, I get it – it’s just her and my dad, and although she loves sweets, my dad really has little interest in them – so there’s only so much cake one person can eat. So I’ve learned to keep it small, and to make it something I like too, since i’ll be snacking on it for the entire next week. 😉

I get my sweet tooth from my mom – she loves it all, just like me. And she’s also been one of my go-to taste-testers for many years. So, coming up with a confection for her can be a bit of challenge – I want it to be something I’ve never made for her before, and honestly, I want to show-off – who doesn’t want to impress their parents, I mean seriously? So, I started off with a blank canvas – a simple 9″ one-layer vanilla cake.

I cut it in half to make two layers, still not sure of where this was going. I starting thinking icings…chocolate…no…peanut butter…yes! ok, now what? It still needs something extra…candy! reeses peanut butter cups….no, i did that recently already. I started randomly opening cabinets and stumbled upon a giant bag of M&Ms – mom’s favorite!!!

And it begins….

it's what's inside that counts.

I iced the bottom layer, and covered it with M&Ms; put the top on, added a border of more M&Ms around the base, piped a good old shell border around the top, personalized it, and garnished it with a few more M&Ms.

a cake not only a mother could love.

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