The perfect cupcake of coffee.

I love coffee. I would not consider myself a coffee snob – I don’t turn up nose at the less than stellar free coffee they offer in the office and invest in an overpriced unpronounceable cup of java latte grande super americano with a shot of whole beans. But i do drink it every day, and I go into a state of serious withdrawal without it (headaches, crankiness, confusion – oh, it’s ugly). Although I may not be a coffee snob, I am a cake snob. I’ve worked hard over the years to achieve cake perfection myself (of course i know there is always room for improvement though), and I eat every cake with a critical tongue.

Recently, it was a colleague’s birthday and this person is a known coffee connoisseur (addict). So, what better way to celebrate the birth of a coffee-lover than with coffee-infused cupcakes!?

have your cake and drink it too.


Topped with a very slightly coffee flavored buttercream (just enough to bring out the coffee in the cake), and sprinkled with semi-sweet dark chocolate shavings, these java gems were the bells of the breakfast ball. Cake & Coffee – perfect together.

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