squash, drop, and roll.

butternut squash cake roll.

I’m currently taking a formal nutrition class. As a firm believer in eating the right foods (if your food can go bad, its good for you; if it can’t go bad, you need to back away slowly, turn, and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction), I find the class more interesting and enjoyable than my average classmate. For example, a somewhat stout individual who I can safely safe has not entered a gym in many, many, years brought in a giant, sloppy, oily bucket of cheese fries….for breakfast. Obviously, he’s not paying attention in class.

I am always in the “dessert” group for the class, so every week, it’s my job to prepare a nutritious and delicious dessert – not the easiest of feats, but I love a challenge, especially one that’s dessert-related. This past week, I was tasked with making a Pumpkin Cake Roll with Cream Cheese filling. Everything was low-fat, and the sugar was swapped with Splenda. Having never made a cake roll before, I was a little nervous, but I’m there to learn new things, so I willingly accepted the daunting task. So I began assembling the ingredients.  Flour – check. Cream cheese – check. Splenda – check. Pumpkin puree – ??? Is this a joke? Am I being punked? How could I be assigned to bake a pumpkin cake roll when there is no pumpkin anywhere to be found? So I hit my instructor with the news, figuring she’ll just tell me to make something else. Not even close. She goes on a man hunt to find me a suitable substitution and hands me none other than a giant, raw, butternut squash.