get your heart on.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I am not and have never been a fan of VD. I just don’t get it. It’s not because I’m bitter from spending it alone  (going on year 14 of being “coupled” on V-Day), nor do I have any Valentine’s Day horror stories. All in all, my V-Day history is a rather pleasant and even enjoyable one. The part I can’t stand is the “faux romance” it perpetuates. Contrary to the skeptical facade I put forth, I am and have always been a hopeless romantic. I believe in fate, destiny, and what is meant to be. I see signs pointing toward true love in everything. As I got older, I just learned to hide it better. Valentine’s Day on the other hand, is not a holiday for real romantics – it’s created for those who don’t know what romance is – for those who need to be reminded of what it means to be romantic. And son, if you need to be reminded, than you’ve got bigger problems than a teddy bear and saran wrapped heart full of chocolates could ever solve.

Anyway, as a creator of confections, however, I am required to embrace the holiday of hearts, and in that regard, I actually do. My love for baking Valentine’s Day goodies is inversely proportionate to my loathing of the holiday itself. In fact, it was Valentine’s Day cupcakes for an old boyfriend that opened the door to the land of confections for me to begin with. And I’ve upheld that tradition, and created something special for Valentines Day every year since.

This year, I bring you the two-tone heart sugar cookie.

cookies worth hearting.

  I mean, if you are going to give something to that special someone, make it something sweet, for the love of pete. Besides, you can enjoy it in the present.

 Just like love.

a little heart goes a long way.

PS.: If I don’t at least get some sweets for Valentine’s Day, it’s over. 😉


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