No scones about it.

When I was a sugar-crazed youth, I had no interest in scones. I remember some relative of mine coming over with a much coveted bakery box in tow. Upon opening the box, I found it was full of scones. What are these ‘things’ that are where my pink frosted donut should be?!! Being the eternal sugarfreak (she’s sugar freaky), I had to have one, even though it obviously wasn’t what I was expecting. This relative (who shall remain nameless) claimed that these “scones” were quite tasty, and I would enjoy them as much as any other confection that could have been in the box in their stead. I trusted the opinions of adults at the time, so – I dug in.

Sadly, I had been duped.

These “scones” which were supposedly spawned from the same bakery which had provided me with so much sugary joy in the past had failed me. These things were no good – not sweet, not soft, not moist –  nor did they have any icing! An icing-less confection was unheard of in my 7 year-old mind! I spit it out, and walked out of the kitchen, sugar-less and dejected.

everyone deserves a second chance.

Unfortunately, this incident scarred me for many years, and I turned up my nose at scones time and time again, reliving that fateful day every time I came within 10 feet of the unconfectionery confection. I don’t regret many things, but  I regret not trying scones again sooner. I have definitely been missing out. That rogue scone I had in my youth was by no means a good example of how a scone should be!  Scones should be soft, buttery, fluffy…and if you want them to be sweet, they can be that too! The scone is a wonderful Small Indulgence, as it can be pretty much be any shape or size you like, and any flavor. 

 I owe the scone an apology, and in order to make good, I’m offering my scone making services to anyone who’s interested, for a small fee ($16 dozen).

This post is making my hungry, so I’m going to stop now, and go enjoy one of the cranberry scones I baked yesterday. Just think, you could be too…

these cranberry scones could be yours.


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