Go flourless.

Gluten-free is hot right now. If you’re a baker, and you don’t offer any gluten-free goods, you’re an idiot. More and more people are saying no to gluten, and although, as a baker, it can go against one’s principles to eliminate flour, the staple of the baking world on which the entire baker’s percentage is based – you must give the people what they want (or in this case, don’t want). So that’s what I’ve done.

Small Indulgences can be gluten-free too. I was concerned at first, that this was going to be no easy feat – creating a delectable dessert devoid of gluten. I thought for sure it would be dry, or bland, or just fall apart.

I was wrong.

I made flourless chocolate cupcakes. No flour – not even a starch! Just chocolate, sugar, eggs, butter, and more chocolate. To my surprise, the batter was above average; delicious in fact. I hovered around the oven, since never having made these before, i wanted to make absolutely sure they didn’t overcook. After 15 minutes, they were done. I let them cool, topped them with a ganache and sprinkled them with some shaved chocolate.

gluten-free and yummy.

 The moment of truth had now arrived – I had to eat one. I couldn’t unleash these puppies to the masses without them first passing the most critical test of all: my taste test. Are they worthy of being my own dessert? Would I be able to hand these to someone, not tell them they are gluten-free, and still have them ask for seconds? I broke one in half, thinking, I’ll only take a bite. The consistency was perfect – moist, soft, slightly crumbly. I took a bite. Then another. And another. And I would have eaten more if it hadn’t been a small indulgence. Not only did these pass the test, they scored higher than some gluten-filled cakes I’ve made!

World, get ready to be rocked.

flourless is sexy.


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