Smart brides think “small”: 4 reasons to choose wedding cupcakes over cake.

I have mixed feelings on wedding cakes. On one hand, they are beautiful works of art, to be ogled and photographed, executed by an expert hand with meticulous detail. On the other hand, they taste like crap. At least, I’ve never had a piece of one where I walked away from the wedding thinking, “now that’s a cake I need to eat again!” They’re usually bland, dry and boring, with icing so sweet your teeth start dropping out on contact. I get it in theory – it’s about that magical day – brides want a cake that looks almost as good as they do. Something people will see and say “what a beautiful cake!” But when did we stop caring about taste? Ultimately, the point of a cake to be moist and tasty – not dry and cardboard-esque. Now i appreciate and am even envious of a good “cake artist,” but often times the greatest artist does not the greatest baker make. I know that some of it is due to the fact that in order for a cake to in fact BE meticulously decorated, it needs to be dry and baked ahead of time. The icing needs to be sweet to be the right consistency for decorating. But this begs the question: are you paying for a cake or for a piece of art? If you’re willing to sacrifice taste for looks, that’s your prerogative. But I really don’t think you have to.

Enter the wedding cupcake. A rising trend for brides-to-be is choosing wedding cupcakes over the traditional cake. There are many benefits to going the small indulgences route for your wedding:

1. cupcakes are cheaper than a traditional cake

2. cupcakes can be made in a larger variety than a traditional cake

3. cupcakes can still look beautiful, but remain moist and tasty, due to their smaller scale

4. and last, but not least – cupcakes are just more fun to eat

I did a wedding last year where the bride wanted cupcakes, and let me tell you, the entire reception was just gushing over them, both for looks AND for taste. And the bride was able to save some money and spend it elsewhere (hello, honeymoon in the tropics!).

Chocolate Kahlua Wedding Cupcakes


Vanilla Coconut Rum Wedding Cupcakes


The perfect union.

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