Mini Croissants: the rising star of the breakfast pastry world.

I’ve often wondered why the croissant is not more popular. Granted, it’s not obscure either, but it’s not an American breakfast staple so much as, say, the bagel, or english muffin. When faced with the three, most people will not choose the croissant. I have a theory on why. It’s not “enough.” As Americans, we are raised with the idea that more is better, and to get as much for our money whenever possible. The croissant doesn’t fit the bill. It’s a light, laminated puff pastry dough, flakey and filled with air holes (insert “blonde joke” here). Pick up a croissant in one hand, and a bagel in the other, and for most people, it’s no contest. the bagel’s 3 times as heavy, the price is the same so it’s a no-brainer. The average calories for each is about the same as well. The croissant never claimed to be a diet food.

When I started thinking about small indulgences, the croissant was one of the first things to come to mind. A large croissant may not seem worth it’s weight in dollars or calories; but a mini-croissant? Well, that’s a whole different story! Instead of being a failed breakfast sandwich option, the petit croissant is a win as a breakfast snack – small, light, fluffy, not-so-filling…all the characteristics one looks for in an optimal snacking choice. Add some homemade jam (from a mini jar, of course), and your golden. The croissant will no longer be the unwanted step-child of the breakfast pastry world. As a small indulgence, it will become a star.

Les petit croissants pour le petit déjeuner.


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