Keep calm and have a cupcake.

A good friend  gave me a handmade sign for my wall that said this. I hung it in my kitchen, and I read it everyday. It’s pretty much become my mantra. What’s not to love about the cupcake? It’s cute, petite, and delicious – if I were a confection, I’d be a cupcake, no doubt.  They come in an endless variety of flavors and can be decorated with pretty much anything your heart desires. So when you’re feeling blue, don’t reach for that bag of chips, giant tub of ice cream, or anything from any fast food joint or giant calorie-ridden chain restaurant – have a cupcake instead (you can even get one that looks like a hamburger, if that’s your thing). You’ll get your sugar fix on, without regretting it later.

cookies and cream cupcakes - one of my specialties.


One thought on “Keep calm and have a cupcake.

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