Cheesecake gets personal.

the blank cheese canvas.

Picture this: you’re on your way to a party. You’ve been tasked with bringing dessert. You walk into a shop. You see cheesecake. “Everyone loves cheesecake,” you think to yourself. But as you go down the list of attendees, you remember Tommy is allergic to coconut, while Tammy loves coconut. And Gina is all about pumpkin, but Johnny would rather eat dirt than anything pumpkin flavored. What do you do? Small Indulgences can solve this conundrum. Enter the “Make-your-own-mini-cheesecake-bar.”  Take a bunch of mini plain cheesecakes (3-4″ in diameter), select a variety of toppings (they could be anything from nuts, to fruit, to chocolate chips, to candy – whatever you fancy), and let the party goer’s create their own personal dessert. Not only will everyone have fun taking part in creating their own desserts, but for what may be the first and only time in your life, you’ll be able to say you pleased everyone.

my personal mini cheesecake, with walnuts.

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