Cake Balls: the one-bite delight.

Meet the cake ball. it’s the mini-est of mini cakes. Smaller than the mini-cupcake. It’s the runt of the cake litter. But don’t let that fool you. The cake ball although small in size, is not short on flavor. There are three main reasons why I personally love the call ball, and encourage others to embrace it with open mouth:

1. It’s eco-friendly. Because it can be made with any cake, use the leftover slices or crumbs you amass while shaping and cutting layers. Don’t throw out the cut pieces or, even worse, eat them all yourself. Throw them in a bowl, add a little icing, and shape them into scrumptious treats. Your friends will love you for it (and your waistline will too, if you’re anything like me who in past has been known to devour all the scraps in true cake-aholic fashion).

2. little-to-no guilt. The Scenerio: you just ate lunch. Someone in the office is having a birthday. Enter a large mid-afternoon cake. You wish you had known, you would have eaten a smaller lunch. You want to try the cake, in all its moist, crumbly, sweet, luxurious cakey-ness. The birthday boy or girl turns to you and says “would you like a piece?” The drool starts to gather in the corner of your mouth, you want to say to no, but you hear your own voice saying “yes! yes! i want a piece!” Well, if they were serving cake balls, this would all be avoided. You could eat your big lunch, and still get to sample the cake, without having to accept an entire piece. Cake Balls: dessert’s little problem-solvers.

chocolcate with vanilla glaze - one of my very own cake ball creations.

3. The options are endless. And because it’s small you can try new combos without the fear of creating an entire cake that tastes like poo. With the cake ball, you can let the chemist (or alchemist) within you have free reign! Always wanted to see how lemon basil icing tastes on a carrot cake? Curious to see what results from red velvet cake and blueberry buttercream?  Let the cake ball be your test subject! And who knows, you might wind up inventing the next big taste trend. Or not. But either way, you’ll have fun trying.

Have you ever made cake balls? Tell me about it or better yet, send a pic and show me!


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