The pie’s the limit.

Everyone loves pie. It’s practically a crime not to. I think you’d be considered unpatriotic, and possibly get deported if you didn’t at least enjoy one of the many varieties pies have to offer. But pies are so big. If you happen to take a piece of one that’s not your cup of tea, then you’re (excuse my french) screwed. Enter the mini pie. A 4″ or 5″ two-bite godsend of deliciousness, offering you the option to try – you guessed it – more than one type of pie at a time! Have a hankering for Cherry Pie, but wouldn’t mind sampling a bit of that Key Lime as well? no problem. Mini-pies provide the dessert solution we’ve all been waiting for. So bring on the pies, and start sampling.

Any suggestions for a mini-pie you’d like to see?

so many little time.


One thought on “The pie’s the limit.

  1. I’d love to see a Traditional Southern Pecan Pie. I could probably eat a whole pie but that would be awesome if it was only 4 inches across!

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