Have your cakes and eat them too.

Hello, and welcome to Small Indulgences, home of mini confections with maximum flavor and variety. Who doesn’t love a good confection? I know I do, and that was my problem. I have a very hard time saying “no” to anything remotely considered dessert. And once I start, there’s no turning back. Enter the Small Indulgence. Instead of eating a giant slice of cheesecake, and then staring longingly at the other desserts until you break down and try them as well, you can “have your cakes and eat them too.”  A Small Indulgence is a tiny dessert – it could be a cupcake, a mini pie or cheesecake, a scaled-down croissant or danish…the possibilities are endless. And the great thing about them is that they’re guilt-free. With a Small Indulgence, you can sample many confections, and bask in their delicious glory,  without feeling sorry later. Say goodbye to that boring giant piece of single-flavored cake; and open the door to a vast world of desserts, made-to-sample.

cupcakes - the ultimate small indulgence.


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